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Rainwater Catchment
Rainwater harvesting can be efficient and cost effective when used to flush toilets and do laundry. It is an LID principle because in urban where there is a lot of pavement, the hydrologic cycle is accelerated and exaggerated (bigger faster floods).

Rainwater Catchment
water conservation

Low Impact Development (LID) is the efficient use and treatment of stormwater. Rain is captured in cisterns, soil, and aquifer for immediate and future use. LID includes bioswales, rain gardens, rainwater catchment, living roofs, and permeable pavement. LID uses best management practices that filter contaminants from urban runoff and save water and energy. Stormwater Certified QSD (Qualified SWPPP Developer) and QSP (Qualified Stormwater Practitioner).

Earthworks pervious pavement
Capturing water in a region is possible through shaping of the earth into berms, basins, and swales. LID addresses this on an urban scale. In permaculture this is addressed through the development of keylines, strategic locations of ponds, and cascading basins that recharge soil and groundwater.

Greywater swale

Reduced water waste is the least expensive way for California to obtain it's next one third of water, according to the Pacific Institute. Low Impact Development retains water in cisterns and the landscape for security and future use. It is a cheaper way to address stormwater and helps with water supply and climate change issues.

Permeable pavement

Village Ecosystems

We have the STEM to do hydrologic research, analysis and design. Our Engineering contractor’s license allows us to build the water features that we design. Our ecological expertise integrates life into our structures. We understand that human behavior plays the largest role in the success of a project. VE provides wholistic watershed services with synergistic benefits.

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Tell us about your project, water related issue, or utopian dreams. We are happy to answer questions; whether about feasibility, efficiency, or the regulatory framework. We are hear to help you put your water and ecology projects on the ground. Let’s build it.

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