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Watershed Science

A watershed approach to development insures natural resource abundance and future sustainability. Watershed science addresses resources that are relied upon for home and economy, such as firewood, timber, salmon, berries, sand, rock, soil, and water.

Farm & Cannabis

Farms and ranches are the interface between our wildlands and our human infrastructure. They provide the opportunity to creatively integrate ecological systems into our food and resource production. When done well, mutual benefits to the environment and the farmer's bottom line can be achieved.

Sustainable Water Development

Water is now and has always been, California's wealth, and its Achilles Heel. Managing water in ways that allow us to sustain our management -- building things that last, and that foster ground water protection, is at the heart of our practice.

Waste Water

Water can be used multiple times before it is released into the environment. While contained water can be treated by service ecosystems. A Service Ecosystem has all the components of a natural ecosystem - soil, water, plants, microbes - but is designed to provide a service to humans, such as treating waste water so that it can be recycled. A good system saves energy, recycles water, recycles nutrients and reduces contaminants.

Rain and Stormwater

Reduced water waste is the least expensive way for California to obtain it's next one third of water, according to the Pacific Institute. Low Impact Development retains water in cisterns and the landscape for security and future use. It is a cheaper way to address stormwater and helps with water supply and climate change issues.

Energy and EcoTech

Energy and Water are inextricably linked. Our water usage consumes large amounts of energy in pumping and treatment about 15% to 20% in California. Our energy usage consumes large amounts of water to cool power plants, about one third of U.S. freshwater.

Regulatory Compliance

Village Ecosystems recognizes that regulations were created to preserve the environment we love AND policy does not always allow for the creativity and best function of life. VE helps facilitate engagement with agencies that implement the legal framework for how we go about doing work on our land.

Post-Fire Restoration

Erosion after wildfire can be a severe, causing damage to the environment and property, as well as contributing to the desolate look of a burned area. After a fire, storm runoff does not infiltrate like normal, resulting in rilling, landslides, flooding and sedimentation. Roads can fail, culverts can plug, and topsoil can be lost. Understanding the science behind this soil loss and applying restoration techniques can prevent roads from failing, support forest regeneration, and reduce soil loss.

Post Fire Restoration:

Village Ecosystems

We have the STEM to do hydrologic research, analysis and design. Our Engineering contractor’s license allows us to build the water features that we design. Our ecological expertise integrates life into our structures. We understand that human behavior plays the largest role in the success of a project. VE provides wholistic watershed services with synergistic benefits.

Anna at work

Let’s Talk

Tell us about your project, water related issue, or utopian dreams. We are happy to answer questions; whether about feasibility, efficiency, or the regulatory framework. We are hear to help you put your water and ecology projects on the ground. Let’s build it.

707 391 1761

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