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Give us a call and ask us about your project. That is the first step in establishing whether we are a good fit. While Village Ecosystems works on many types of water projects, they typically fall into two categories: Natural resource management from a watershed perspective, including hydrology, roads, and restoration; and green building and infrastructure for design of water systems that integrate into the infrastructure of humans. We address the compliance and regulatory needs of these projects, including building permits, Fish and Wildlife and Water Board, and other permits as become necessary for your project. 

If you choose to hire us to do an initial field visit, then we meet with you on site and discuss the elements of your project and the feasibility of such work. If we are designing something for you, then we may propose an initial exploratory phase in which we propose various design options. If you project is more complicated, then we help assemble a team to design and implement the various portions of the project. Given our understand of the regulatory system, the physics of building systems, and the environmental value, we give as realistic an estimate as we can with regard to possible range of cost, scope, feasibility, and any other important concerns.

Our Priorities

Village Ecosystems is a company built with higher goals in mind, such as social and environmental equity. We do this by attempting to solve some of the issues around water use, ecological integrity, and integrative systems of water, energy, and nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous). 

Anna Birkás founded Village Ecosystems to provide essential service for water design and construction, especially as it relates with energy, nutrients, and ecosystems. Each project requires a different team -- expert in the various fields the project requires. Team Leader Birkás brings together a team of professionals, each with their own specialization. Together we offer the best in water design for a sustainable future.

The Team title

Village Ecosystems

We have the STEM to do hydrologic research, analysis and design. Our Engineering contractor’s license allows us to build the water features that we design. Our ecological expertise integrates life into our structures. We understand that human behavior plays the largest role in the success of a project. VE provides wholistic watershed services with synergistic benefits.

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Let’s Talk

Tell us about your project, water related issue, or utopian dreams. We are happy to answer questions; whether about feasibility, efficiency, or the regulatory framework. We are hear to help you put your water and ecology projects on the ground. Let’s build it.

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