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Sustainable Water Design & Construction

Village Ecosystems worked with Pinoleville Pomo Nation to design and install a rainwater catchment system for their garden and greenhouse. The 25,000 gallon system includes tanks in series that capture water from a warehouse roof. A photovoltaic grid tie system was installed to power the pumping system and provide pressurized drip irrigation and greenhouse fans.

Ferrous Cement covered cisterns with built in planters were installed inside the greenhouse. These tanks are part of the larger system, and provide thermal mass – helping regulate the indoor temperature, which is both beneficial to plants and will help cut down on energy costs.

Painting the tanks with exterior latex house paint provided the children with an opportunity to be part of this project, and to help extend the life of the tanks, reducing photo-degradation of the plastic.

The indoor tanks are covered with expanded metal and cement, which will extend their life by decades.

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