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Village Ecosystems provides hydrology & eco-engineering services for a sustainable future. We focus on human interaction with the landscape and wildlands - how infrastructure can be minimally invasive and how people can build systems that have synergistic benefits with regard to energy, water, nutrients, and nature. We also do boring things, like writing reports and applying for your permits. Everybody has to sometimes.


Our diverse work with Water includes environmental policy and social systems, engineering designs for roads, streams, greywater, rainwater, and watershed analysis.

Our approach to land use planning is based on hydrologic connectivity, conservation, and pollution prevention. 

We use Science, nature, and ingenuity to build sustainable ecosystems both in the wild and integrated with the human infrastructure. The relationships that each person has with water, soil, energy, and nutrients is part of an intricate web of life & death - we help create healthy connections between your work and the natural world.

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Village Ecosystems

We have the STEM to do hydrologic research, analysis and design. Our Engineering contractor’s license allows us to build the water features that we design. Our ecological expertise integrates life into our structures. We understand that human behavior plays the largest role in the success of a project. VE provides wholistic watershed services with synergistic benefits.

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Tell us about your project, water related issue, or utopian dreams. We are happy to answer questions; whether about feasibility, efficiency, or the regulatory framework. We are hear to help you put your water and ecology projects on the ground. Let’s build it.

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