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Using science to recycle water, energy, and nutrients, we create designs that make better communities while addressing big issues like climate change and water availability.

ecostructionLooking for Water, Energy, & Food Security? We do sustainable design and constrction of structures, landscapes, and streams, with a focus on ecological integration that results in energy savings, water savings, and healthy ecosystems.

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We Design, Plan, & Build:

Rainwater Catchment
Living Roofs
Low Impact Development
Permeable Pavement
Stormwater Systems
Climate Change
Architectural Planning

Hydrologic Analysis
Constructed Wetlands
Water Recycling
Waste Water Reclamation
Septic Alternatives
Soil Conservation
Composting Toilets
Flood Control

Ecological Restoration
Erosion Control
Water Conservation
Irrigation Effeciency
Sand Filtration
Hydrolic RAM Pumps
Natural Swimming Pools
Low Impact Development

updated 17 September 2015